10 Ways Pageants Ruined Me.

Keali Lay

Competing in pageants can no doubt change a person. But it’s not always what you think. Pageantry definitely changed who I am. Screen shot 2014-09-15 at 6.12.51 PM 10 Ways Pageants Ruined Me:

1) They totally depleted any desire I had to settle for mediocre. Average. Just ‘okay’. Status quo.

2) They destroyed my shyness and anxiety I had towards interacting with people my own age without constant fear of judgment. That being said…

3) They also screwed up any hopes I ever had of worrying about interviews or addressing adults. Speaking with superiors was already one of my strengths, but now it is a skill I have refined and honed so much that I actually look forward to tough questions and serious discussions.

4) They shut down any fears I had about singing with an audience. I am no Aretha, Carrie, or Celine, but how many people actually conquer that fear in their lifetime? I…

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