The worst teenage fashion mistakes of the naughties

Love With The Lights On

1. The Hooch coat. Remember this girls? The huge fur hood and the pom, poms? If you didn’t have a Hooch coat back in 2000, you simply were not cool. I remember the day I got one, walking down the corridor at school like I was the absolute don (until someone pulled my pom poms and the fur ball fell off, then my reign as the Hooch queen was officially over)

hooch 3

2. The earrings with your name through. I was never lucky enough to have my own pair of these, although sometimes wore my best mates and pretended my name was ‘Sarah’ on a Friday night. At 15 years old, these were what we all wanted, saving up all our spends to go to Warren James and become the ultimate chav.

holly earrings

3.  Tooth gems. Just why? Why did we ever think it was a great idea to…

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