10 problems girls face the morning after the night before

Love With The Lights On

drunk girl in bed


1.  Trying to peel your eyes open – If you can. That feeling of panic you get when you can’t open your eyes because last nights fake eyelashes are stuck to your bottom lashes. Probably best to keep them shut.


morning after makeup


2. Waking up in your dress. Oh no, the panic begins to rush through you as you realise the state you must have been in. Could it get worse? Yes.


3. Waking up naked. Why am I naked? I never sleep naked. Suddenly you feel very vulnerable and quickly sit up in a crazy rush to find the nearest item of clothing. Then you feel very dizzy. Lie back down.


hiding under sheets


4. Finding the phone. No, your not ready to face the music. You know you’ve been a drunk dialler and can’t bear to see those cringey texts just yet.


5. Oh…

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